Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Life in the Bubble

Yesterday I was working in the lab with several student assistants - they were siding bones, I was engaged in my most favorite (not!) job as a professor, grading. We were listening to the radio and they were teaching me who was singing, who was cool, who was an American Idol winner, etc. because all the songs sounded the same to me (I'm NOT getting old, I'm not!!)

Somehow we got on the topic of campus security, and I learned some interesting things. Good to know that can still happen after 15 years here.
Apparently the students feel very safe on campus, so safe in fact that most do not lock their dorm doors except during pep rallys and home games. And most (if not all) feel perfectly safe leaving their computer sitting out on the table at any of the eateries and/or study spots around campus without locking 'em up. They said they'd go off to dinner, leaving their computers 'n stuff sitting on a table in the library without the slightest bit of concern. Apparently the belief is that only bikes get stolen here on campus. Pretty nice if true, but it makes me wonder how many people have items ripped off within the first 6 months of graduation, once they leave the Notre Dame bubble...


Michael Homan said...

Sue, thanks for the heads up on the "free" computers. My credit card bill for Xmas gifts just got a huge break. Is there a certain area of the library where Mac users congregate?

Sue said...

Our students are in general rather wealthy, so lots and lots o' Macs. Easy pickins'