Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blown Away

Today is a seriously windy, albeit bright sunshiny day. Kinda cool, in a Wizard of Oz sort of way. Hel-lo tornado watches tonight I'll bet. Might have to herd the cats down to the basement...always a fun activity (not).

UPDATE 10:30 PM – Wiley saved the day!! I fell asleep about 5:30, just dead -- about 9 pm Wiley jumped into bed and was absolutely relentless about waking me up. I got up assuming his food dish was empty and he was near starvation (!), when I heard the sirens start. Turned on the TV to find Jaime’s Crush Mike Hoffman the weatherman telling us about two big waves of storms coming through.. So, I opened the basement door – down went the boys, even Maz. Apparently the rain was coming down at 3” per hour, which Jaime’s Crush tells us is pretty exceptional. Thanks to Wiley my hero, I moved the car into the garage before the hail came. I wonder what they sense ?

Silbury Hill
Here's a post from Archao News about Silbury Hill. Other than meeting Jane Goodall and visiting Aspinall's gorillas, Avebury/Silbury Hill was my favorite trip while teaching in our London Program in 2004.

Coast presenter Neil Oliver will explore the interior of the largest man-made mound in Europe in a one-off documentary for BBC4. In Lion Television's Silbury Hill, the archaeologist will team up with social anthropologist and Castaway presenter Mary-Ann Ochota in his attempt to find out why Silbury Hill was built and to uncover the story of the people who helped build it.

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