Saturday, October 27, 2007

New Dots

Well, I might not be gettin' much love in comments, but I got a bunch of new dots on my map from Sweden, Greece, and Russia. Thanks Tracy, you jet-setter.

While I can account for most of the dots on the map - the northern Norway and Hudson Bay area viewers remain a mystery.


Jaime said...

Tracy's just Russia -- the others are someone else. She may be able to add a couple more, but for now those are the only new ones -- her London and France dots were already on there.

Sue said...

Hmmmm, more mysteries then. Sure she didn't stop off in Sweden?? I think she's steppin' out on you and you don't know it.

Jaime said...

Well, we have been joking that she's going to "Cairo" as a carefully veiled plan to meet up with Issa, and that her significant other (James -- almost like Jaime!) and I will be trysting while those two are together.

So, the odds that she's stepping out on me in Sweden....well, it's a safe bet.

I just hope the presents she brings back are awesome. More countries means more presents, right?