Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bought and Paid For !!

I turned in all my paperwork (and money) for the Antarctica trip. It's official now. I have to admit, I'm uber-excited...but at the same time a wee bit nervous. Being a "tightwad" (as my father likes to say) makes this one of the bigger checks I've ever written. Fortunately, the fact that going to Antarctica ranks #2 on the list of "Things I Want to Do in Life", I'd say it is well worth it!! If only there were a grant for this ;-)

Woooo hooooo, I'm going to Antarctica!!!!


Michael Homan said...

You do know that you stand the chance of suffering a horrible death there, with your corpse being gnawed on by rogue penguins for eternity. Probably won't happen, but something to consider anyway.

Sue said...

Hey, there are worse ways to go. And if that happens, my bones will be covered by snow and ice for millenia, then some archaeologist will dig me us some day (when Antarctica becomes beach front property thanks to global warming) and peg me for the intrepid explorer that I am (or decide I'm an Ancient who built the Stargates ;-) Sorry, had to slip a little SG-1 in there....

sven said...

Dear Doctor Sheridan,
I would think your number one goal in life is to support and make proud, your wonderful father. That is the way we do things in Norway. We give our fathers great gifts - not cheap tee shirts - as a thanks for all he has done for us. Rather than spend great sums of money on trips, one might spend it on visiting their elderly father every month.
Just a thought from your friend
Sven Gustafsven