Monday, October 15, 2007

OMG !!

Tonight the NBC Nightly News had a story about an alarming new trend -- kids texting while driving. "How STUPID do you have to be ??!" I thought to myself, when one of the kids commented that probably 75% of students do this regularly. Here's the video segment:

Driving under the influence of a keyboard
Driving under the influence of a keyboard

By Janet Shamlian, NBC News Correspondent
Monday, October 15, 2007

And second, in the interest of "fair and balanced"'s a post about a UK judge calling some of Gore's statements into question:

Al Gore’s Inconvenient Judgment
Lewis Smith
October 11, 2007, The Times

PS -- my dad made me do this...:-)

PPS -- this is a picture of Justice Burton, the man who made the judgment... does "Mr. Bean" come to mind for anyone else?? A Monty Python Christmas Special?? (sorry)

PPPS -- check out the previous Times story that occurred on October 3, telling how this came to a head because a lorry driver sued to have the film monitored.

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