Friday, November 2, 2007

Cool News

Here are some fun/interesting stories from the past week:

Semi-identical twins discovered, Nov 2, 2007

Study: Beer beats water for hydration
NewsDaily, Nov. 2, 2007

Guiness Names World's Hottest Pepper
SlashFood, Feb 2, 2007

Note: it's not the one to the left, that's just a skull pepper (of course).


Yorke said...

No wonder beer is considered essential to succesful field work! btw, the link to the chili pepper article isn't work, doesn't look like the URL made it through.

Sue said...

Thanks, I'll fix it.

Jaime said...

My father has been arguing that beer point for years. I'm sure he'll be happy to hear that other researchers have confirmed his long held theory.

Sue said...

You guys are all over the beer thing, but a giant of anthropology dying - bupkiss. Where are your priorities??

Yorke said...

Our priorities are with the living, who like beer and chili peppers. Didn't know what to say about Washoe.

sven said...

Dear Doctor,
Even those of us from the far north know today is a great day for Notre Dame Football. They are 3 point favorites and will begin a 4 game winning streak. Yet, you have no mention on your blob site.
Sven of the north

Sue said...

I do now. You forgot to factor in a "sleep in" time on a Saturday dear Sven.