Saturday, November 3, 2007

Men in Uniform

Today we play Navy. We've won in the last 43 match-ups, this is usually considered a fun (two schools with considerable traditions) but easily predictable game. No so much, this year. Only thing we've got going for us is home field advantage...if you ignore the fact that we haven't won a home game yet.

UPDATE -- I may lose my tenure for saying this, but by about half-time, I found myself rooting for Navy. Our season is shot anyway, and they most certainly deserved this win! Fun game to watch.


Yorke said...

I just now realized that the Cyber Wiley widget is interactive, and emits plaintive cries and futile gestures when you tease it, just like the real thing - thanks for making my day!

Sue said...

He purrs too if you put the mouse over the white patch. You should try the fishpond from a few posts ago, they are addictive.