Monday, April 21, 2008

DC Downpour

We had a long trip into DC yesterday. From our vantage point, we just saw clouds, as we circled the airport for 20 hours (in 20 minutes blocks of time). By the time the 4th round of a 20-minute hold came along, we were told that if a 5th were ordered, we'd have to go to Dulles to refuel. Didn't happen, fortunately. It was pouring...and I wisely packed both my hooded jacket and umbrella in the roller bag that was sitting out on the tarmac, so got drenched.

The good news, it got me a really nice room at the Holiday Inn. Pretty swanky. Watching the news last night, turns out the weather had been quite bad, two airplanes were struck by lightning, the roof ripped off a church.


Kate Musica said...

Hi Dr. Sheridan. I see you're in DC! If you have any time for a lunch or happy hour, let me know! I work in Chinatown, near the Mall. I can't meet tonight, but any other day for lunch or a drink would be great!

Anonymous said...

Dear Professor,
Please inform your student that Professor don't drink.

Sue said...


Lunch?? HA!! That would assume they unchain us from our rooms in the NSF building. No such luck.

But next semester I might try to come out early on Sunday, because it would be great to see both you and Melissa.

I was supposed to cycle off this committee after this semester, but they reeled me back in. It's a ton of work, but in truth I love it! Glutton for punishment.

Contrary to my father's comment...pick a good brewpub ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yes! A DC reunion! Count me in... thanks for the postcard from Columbus!