Saturday, April 12, 2008

Flat, flat, and more flat

Back from the AAPAs, where the students did a nice job with their posters -- really held their own with some of the top names in skeletal biology and bioarchaeology. One professor took Shannon's picture with her poster to show her undergraduates. That's a first. Positive feedback, very well attended.

The drive home yesterday was long and flat but VERY pleasant. It was a nice affirmation that working with students is both a fun, and worthwhile, endeavor. I forget sometimes, but shouldn't.

Shannon did most of the driving (hence the Bug figure above). We learned that Katie has apparently angered the storm gods (the driving rain moved out pretty much the moment Shannon got behind the wheel). Plus, I got two songs for my iPod, learned some ND dorm lingo, found out how MySpace works, and perhaps most importantly...finally understood Hannah Montana.

And...we got home in time to see BSG - which was excellent this week (sorry Alicia).

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