Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Today a man won several million dollars playing the nickel slots.

Today I drove thru Starbucks and they made two grande black ice teas lightly sweetened by mistake...and gave me the second one free. Almost the same thing!!
1789 -- George Washington inaugurated 1st President
1803 -- US doubles in size w/Louisiana Purchase
1900 -- USA annexes Hawaii
1904 -- Ice cream cone makes its debut
1945 -- Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun commit suicide
1975 -- The Vietnam War ends with South Vietnam's surrender
1993 -- Richard Guise retires


Jaime said...

That is one interesting skeleton action shot. Is it day or night? How is the person blond-haired with a gray face and black legs?

For some reason, I am dying to know what that one was created for!

Also, is "anonymous" the Norwegian word for "wife of Sven" or is it just a little known Norwegian nickname for Sven?

Sue said...

I don't know where it's from, I can't find the source. It got colorized by me, hence the blonde hair, red straw, etc.

The wife-of-Sven has never left a message, so it's all him. I think he sometimes tries to go incognito.

Anonymous said...

Dear Professor,
Thank you for remembering the important events of the day. Now get back to work on our project!
Tell Jamie to work harder.

Lesley said...

I sometimes hope that they make my drink wrong so I can have two :)