Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tuckered out

Gave exams in both classes today. And yet, came home bone tired. Can't really explain it - maybe an empathic connection to the students??


Now in a complete non-sequitur -- what's up with this polygamy case? Isn't it illegal to have more than one wife (at a time) in America?? And don't we have a legal age for marriage?? The kids seem to be brainwashed into buying the misogynistic angle for god-sanctioned multiple underage sex partners, but do we ignore the reality?? And the women?? I watched an interview with 3 of them yesterday and I don't think they could put together a complete or marginally complex thought between them. It was really quite sad to watch. I admit grabbing 400+ kids in one felled swoop with paramilitary 'efficiency' may have been an overstep -- but some of the arguments against said tactics sure seem to be shifting focus from glaring issues about the treatment of women and girls.

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