Monday, April 28, 2008

News That Matters

Whew, thank goodness Katie & Shannon explained the whole Hannah Montana thing to me, so I could understand tonight's newscast. Otherwise I'd have been sitting there wondering "why is she blonde, now brunette, now blonde?", "who's this Miley Cyrus chick?", "why is Hannah Montana in a photo shoot with that doofy country star guy who lost on Dancing with the Stars?", and "why would anyone give a rat's ass about this story??" Okay, so the last question remains...

Miley Cyrus’ embarrassing photo shoot
By Courtney Hazlett, April. 28, 2008

If you'd like to see a story from tonight's news that actually matters, here's a good one on some Congo gorillas:

Saving the gorillas
By Justin Balding, April 28, 2008
1686 -- 1st volume of Newton's "Principia" published
1788 -- Maryland became the 7th state
1789 -- Fletcher Christian led the mutiny on the Bounty
1926 -- Harper Lee is born (To Kill a Mockingbird)
1947 -- Thor Heyerdahl sails "Kon-Tiki" to Polynesia
1967 -- Muhammad Ali refuses induction into army & stripped of boxing title
2004 -- The Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal first comes to light on CBS's 60 Minutes II.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget on April 30, a certain person will have been retired for 15 years.

Sue said...

Wow! You retired when I started at ND. Like a changing of the guard.