Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nice Wake-Up Call

Jaime and I have been finishing up preparations for our summer NSF-REU program in Biocultural Anthropology. Not the most fun way to spend the first week after graduation (even worse for her since OSU is on a quarter system and she's still got classes).

But yesterday I got a few emails from the incoming Fellows that broke me out of my old stodgy put-upon professor mood and reminded me why we do this job. They were sooooo enthusiastic about starting the program next week.

Nicely timed wake-up call before the weekend. My family is coming in for a short visit during which I'll lounge and enjoy their company, then next week, back to setting up for what should be another interesting summer.


j's mom said...

Does this mean J is no longer a young scholar? Is it alright if I continue to think she is young, otherwise it makes me far too old and ruins my day.

Sue said...

Nope, she's crossed that magical 30 mark. But that in no way reflects upon her parents...or fortunately, we're safe!!