Friday, May 16, 2008

Scars to Prove It

This evening I decided it was time to clean out the winter coat of 'da boys.' Maz - no problem, good as gold. Lemur - a bit antsy, tail wags alot but purrs the whole time. Wiley - acts as if I've attached electrodes to his body. He HATES it, and I have the scratches to prove it. Jaime's foot will be healed before my arms!

Time to go watch Battlestar and apply Neosporin ;-(
1770 -- Marie Antoinette married the future King Louis XVI of France
1929 -- The first Academy Awards were given on this night
1965 -- Spaghetti-O's 1st sold
1975 -- Japanese climber Junko Tabei became the first woman to summit Mount Everest


Jaime said...

In cat-owner world, aren't those just "love" scratches?

Sue said...

Uh huh. I can FEEL the love every time I shower...