Saturday, May 24, 2008

Random Bytes

6 Tribes of Bacteria Found to Be at Home in Inner Elbow
By Nicholas Wade; May 23, 2008

Betting Site Lays Odds on Battlestar's Final Cylon
By Lewis Wallace;; May 22, 2008

Early Life Exposure To Cats May Reduce Risk Of Childhood Allergies And Asthma Symptoms
May 22, 2008

Einstein Letter on God Sells for $404,000
By Dennis Overbye;; May 17, 2008

The Yellow Liquid Diet: Is it a good idea to drink urine when water is scarce?
By Chris Wilson; May 21, 2008

Harrison Ford Elected to AIA Board; May 16, 2008

Dead Sea Scroll Put on Rare Display in Israel
by Matti Friedman;; May 13, 2008

The lost Ark: are the Germans on its trail?
by Roger Boyes; May 13, 2008;

Inca Skull Surgeons Were "Highly Skilled," Study Finds
by Scott Norris; National Geographic; May 12, 2008

Older Brain Really May Be a Wiser Brain
By Sara Reistad-Long
May 20, 2008

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