Thursday, October 2, 2008


I've had Fox on for the past hour, laughing out loud at Chris Wallace (as I find I often do), who claims that debate officials didn't know about the Iliff book until 24 hours ago. And he believes that she has a financial interest in seeing Obama win given the title so should add a disclaimer at the start of the debate. He says it's an ethical lapse, and that it just shows the "old boys and old girls" (nice of him to include us) network in the media. "It's unimaginable" he said...and I agree, but would apply that phrase to how stupid this conversation has become. If you doubt anyone knew about this "controversy", I refer you to my previous post.

BTW, Wallace was followed by a woman who said that Sarah Palin "doesn't just throw out canned answers, she's thoughtful and reflective."

I think I have to go change the channel now, can only take Fox Fantasyland for so long...

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