Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Differing Perspectives

Hmmmm. I'm watching the post-debate summaries on MSNBC, and several folks are saying the debate went to McCain. Really? I thought he seemed like a grumpy, surly old man. His worst debate of the three. He tripped over himself repeatedly, and he made comments during Obama's responses that looked snooty at best. Most offensive was his near-mocking of the health of a woman being an issue in an abortion -- hopefully this will come back to bite him as it should. He supports killing in a war, but thinks an unborn fetus is more important than a living woman. Quite a statement.

Also, I think Obama took the high road on two questions where he could've laid McCain bare -- a) the comments of people at McCain rallies recently - for McCain to act righteously indignant was an insult to every person watching the debate. And, b) the qualifications of the VP choices - again, McCain insulted all of us on that one as well. Personally, I'd have liked to have seen him clobber McCain on these points, but I understand his strategy. I do wish Obama had called McCain on three points:

• McCain's policy does not give each person $5,000 for health care, it gives each person $2,500 - it's $5,000 per family. Since single people now outnumber married folk, it's not a trivial distinction.

• if we're going to bring up Bill Ayres, let's chat about the Keating 5.

• Quit saying you're "proud" of Palin. You look silly, and it's patronizing as hell. Enough already!

Have to admit, the "you should've run 4 years ago" comment was a good one. I wish he had!!! But that aside, I thought it was a clear win for Obama. Guess I'm not in touch with the pundints.

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