Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Score Another One for Obama

I was glad to see that they got into at least some substance this debate. Clear differences in health care policy (a right rather than a responsibility), considerable contrast in foreign policy philosophy, etc.

It kinda made me miss the John McCain of 2000. He was worthy of respect back then - not necessarily my vote, but at least you could feel he was an honorable man. Today/tonight's McCain was at times nasty, petty, surly - and made the inexplicable mistake of saying "I'll answer the question" as a joke, not seeming to realize that's a message he might want to give to his running mate. And "that one"?? Really???! The comment to Tom B. that he wouldn't be his choice for Sec of Treasury - what was that?? Since he's willing to charge Obama as a terrorist on the campaign trail, why not tonight in front of him?? Embarrassed by how doofy that claim is??

I was amazed that McCain was willing to say, essentially, "trust me" about his ability to "get Osama" -- I have a feeling many aren't particularly willing to trust the gov't right now about much of anything. And where did he go after the debate - Obama talked to the people there for quite some time, McCain disappeared. Seemed odd.

Now an aside, what's with these goofy audience reaction graphs??? CNN had 'em last time, and apparently MSNBC decided they were worth bringing in during the follow-up. We need others to tell us how to think?? Can they dumb this stuff down any further? Okay, I'm done venting.

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