Friday, October 3, 2008

The End is Nigh

Seems the election will be a rather moot point, if what Pat Roberston predicts comes true. And he has a great track record - he predicted Bush would see "victory after victory" this year, and last year we were supposed to have a nuclear war. We were apparently spared because either a) Robertson was wrong, or b) because God granted us a reprieve.

Well, reprieve over, sinners. Robertson (this week, mind you) predicted Russia would invade Georgia, and Iran will try to build a nuclear bomb (amazing, eh??). Israel will attack Iran as a result, we and England will advise the Russians to back off but take no real action on our own. Our economy will suffer. The nuclear war that results in the Middle East might cause some of our coastal cities to be hit by bombs. It's due to happen between Nov 4 and inauguration. It's all in Ezekiel. Sudan and Turkey are also involved, but I forget how and my brain hurts (I am, after all, only a woman -- and one of those feminists that Robertson said were in part to blame for God's retribution on 9/11).

You heard it here first. Apparently if you pray REALLY REALLY hard, it won't happen.

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