Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jesus Camp - Lord Help Us!!

I just watched the movie "Jesus Camp" and will need to sleep with the lights on as a result. Those poor kids.

My first response was that this was truly scary stuff, that I now understood how the Brown Shirts won over a generation, and that I was watching a terrorist training film. By the end, I was left infuriated with the adults, deeply saddened for the kids.

For all their holy rollin', what I saw was idol worship, materialism, brainwashing, violence, hubris, intolerance, indoctrination, radicalism, and hypocrisy on parade. It goes a long way towards explaining our current 'culture of fear'.

These people believe we can rape the Earth because we won't be here much longer, that George Bush is a true man of God (they even have a cardboard cutout that that they pray to. Or was that for, I was confused), that their beliefs are absolute truths not to be questioned, sex is evil, the devil goes after the young, Harry Potter's warlocks are enemies of God that should be put to death, that this is a terrible terrible world, and that violence in the name of God is justifiable.

Whose God? How does this differ from what they are calling "the enemy"?? I do have to say, I was filled with a wee bit o' scheudenfraude as I listened to Ted Haggert bash gays...

This movie stands as the strongest evidence I've seen yet for why we can't let Sarah Palin win in November. I'm all the more committed -- with a fundamentalist fervor, ya might say.

BTW Lesley and Jaime -- you were the ones who told me to watch this thing. I owe you. Oh yes. Yes I do.


Lesley said...

I'm glad you finally saw it - and had the same reaction that we did! Scary stuff, those little Christian jihadists.

Yorke said...

I've carted that DVD around with me from country to country and still haven't watched it. Now I'm really not going to watch it....(actually, perhaps Jamie sent it to me??)

Sue said...

I second the Christian jihadist title, and would HIGHLY recommend watching long as you don't need to sleep for awhile. And maybe with a glass of scotch (plus the bottle) nearby ;-)

Jaime said...

Hmmm...I haven't actually seen this movie yet. So, it's interesting that someone thought I recommended it, someone else thought I watched it with her, and someone else thought I purchased it for them.

I think I need to go watch this.

But, I'm quite happy that I'm such an involved person for doing so little...if only all the parts of my life were this easy :)

Sue said...

It is an interesting pattern...but dare I point out that there is only one common denominator in you tangled web... And all your victims are in agreement. Coincidence??

I had a fun lunch with your twin today, we decided we need to have a family reunion in Mongolia.

Anonymous said...

I am so relieved to see someone posting about this movie with such fervor against it. When I first saw this I felt as though my innocence had been ripped from my soul. I just can not believe the horrible things they are doing to these children and the kind of violent ideas they are forcing into their young, impressionable minds. Thank you so much for pointing out how scary this situation really is.

Sue said...

Thanks for the kind words. It's really a shame that these kids (and their parents) are so misled, imagine how they'll react if/when they start to think for themselves, dare to question the world around them, travel outside the bounds of the US, meet people who don't hold the same views yet do good in the world. Let's hope that happens, hard tho' it will be for them.