Friday, October 3, 2008

Good Day

What a productive day, and a pretty one to boot. Great Fall weather, perfect for tomorrow's football game. It began quite early (6 am), because I thought I had a meeting that turned out to be in November (oops). Made for several free hours this morning, and after a very big coffee to compensate for the 4 hours sleep last night, I got to work.

Then off to give an exam (I told the students they were not allowed to pull a Palin-esque ploy and decide to answer questions different from those I asked ;-) Later in the day, during Osteology, the police came in with a skull. It was found in the trunk of a car, in a makeup case with the words "Sick Boy" written on the lid. Turned out to be something that was purchased by a man who collects items from funeral homes. Odd hobby, wouldn't want to meet the guy.

Then to a faculty meeting with the Associate Dean, who was quite supportive of a new move in the department to start a graduate program. Very encouraging. Times, they are a'changing.


j's mom said...

Does this mean my husband has hope of his dreams come true without harm to you????

Sue said...

You never know. But the that's the direction we're moving in... I'm still keeping my life insurance policy updated however ;-)

MMK and YMR said...

Don't you all need someone to teach ethics if you have a grad program (also important in the undergrad program)????

Sue said...

Get's my vote!!