Thursday, October 2, 2008


Palin doesn't throw out canned answers??? Really??! We just saw 90 minutes of canned answers (tho' often answers NOT to the questions asked...)

She does 'em well, but sadly such a prescribed debate format did nothing to demonstrate an ability to think on his/her feet or intellectual curiosity. These seem two qualities we want in a team running a world power. She showed a lack of both in the interviews, but wasn't challenged at all in this debate.

To digress for a moment....why is "folksy" considered "real"? Why is "folksy" more "real" than, well, "not folksy"??

Okay, I'm back - why wasn't Palin required to actually answer the questions asked? And a REALLY scary point that she should've been called on immediately -- do we really want Palin to EXPAND the powers of the VP beyond the Constitution-breaking bounds Cheney has already demolished??

My respect for Biden increased, my lack of respect for her likewise increased. Sadly I think because she didn't overtly flub her lines and was allowed to recite dogma without challenge, she will handed a "victory."


Yorke said...

She did well, but by avoiding all content. In this forum, no one was able to say, "Yes, but can you name one ---" so she could just recite patriotic talking points. Hopefully we can now get the focus off of her, as this is nothing but a distraction from the major issues, which have the McCain campaign running scared.

Sue said...

Running out of Michigan as it turns out. Let's hope that trend continues!