Saturday, October 25, 2008

Random Bytes

Hot drinks promote warm feelings,
October 24, 2008
Make it hot chocolate, and you've a friend for life!!

Human species 'may split in two', Oct 17, 1008

This Is Not a Test: Sitting on an aircraft-carrier deck in 1962 didn't prepare John McCain for the presidency
By Fred Kaplan,
Oct. 23, 2008

From a Strip of Scotch Tape, X-Rays
By KENNETH CHANG, October 23, 2008

Eating Quickly And Until Full Triples Risk Of Being Overweight,
Oct. 22, 2008

Underground Lab Probes How Matter Licked Antimatter
By Alexis Madrigal, October 24, 2008
Very Star Trekky

Ancient Bone Tool Sheds Light On Prehistoric Midwest,
Oct. 22, 2008
Highlights the work of one of our Summer NSF-REU speakers

Woman Arrested After Killing Virtual Ex-Husband
By David Kravets, October 23, 2008
A woman scorned...

"Loving" Bonobos Seen Killing, Eating Other Primates
by Matt Kaplan
National Geographic,
October 13, 2008
Mike's favorite "monkey"

Obama's big lead in the polls is real
By Paul Maslin, Oct 23, 2008
Woo hoo!!

Contact Lenses Are Home To Pathogenic Amoebae,
Oct. 22, 2008

Oldest cases of human TB found beneath the sea
by Ewen Callaway, October 15, 2008

'Devils' trails' are world's oldest human footprints
by Catherine Brahic,
October 13, 2008
But...where are the dinosaur footprints??

Midlife suicides are on the rise
By Bruce Bower, October 21, 2008


Jaime said...

We just talked about bonobos on Thursday in my intro class. This is going to make a great update on Tuesday!

Sue said...

I'm here to serve.