Saturday, October 11, 2008

Random Bytes

Turning a Blind Eye: An image said to reveal an "unknown" tribe instead exposes a history of our ignorance and greed.
by Greg Downey, Sept. 25, 2008
Yay Greg!!!

'End in sight' for elephantiasis, Oct. 8, 2008
Good news, especially given the next article...

Deadly by the Dozen: 12 Diseases Climate Change May Worsen
By David Biello,
October 8, 2008
Not so good news

Meet Sarah Palin’s radical right-wing pals
By Max Blumenthal and David Neiwert, Oct 10, 2008

Is anybody listening out there?, Oct. 9, 2009
Pretty cool! Some might question spending money on this, but nothing will bring this planet together more quickly than learning we're not alone.

One in 4 Mammals Threatened With Extinction, Group Finds
By JAMES KANTER, Oct. 6, 2008

Think You're Multitasking? Think Again
by Jon Hamilton,
Oct. 2, 208

Sarah’s Pompom Palaver
By MAUREEN DOWD, October 4, 2008
This is REALLY humorous!!

How Long Until We Find a Second Earth? Researchers are racing to find the first planet that might support life as we know it.
by Robert Kunzig, October 10, 2008

The Really Busy Person's Guide to Political Activism
By Christopher Beam, Oct. 7, 2008
Some good tips on what works, what doesn't

U.N. Says Biofuel Subsidies Raise Food Bill and Hunger
October 7, 2008

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