Saturday, December 8, 2007

Bellis Retirement Party

Really nice evening. Touching tributes by several people, most notably Lionel, Patrick, Perry, and Irv. Everyone was in attendance, and while the banjo (and Sophie) didn't join us, Jim's gift was an autoharp so we got a spontaneous song with his new toy.

The pictures below capture some of the events of the evening. Mark commented that Jim brought him in during his tenure as chair, and now he's department chair for Jim's retirement. Full circle.

Just click on the image of interest to see a larger version. Drag & drop (Mac - superior, exceptional platform ;-) or right click (PC) to download a copy.

ANTARCTICA FUN FACTS -- The continent's glaciation began approximately 20 million years ago. As Gondwanland broke up, persistent westerly winds began to circle Antarctica, creating the immense circumpolar current that blocked heat transport, causing Antarctica to cool. (Source: NSF Antarctic Program brochur#00-146).

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