Friday, December 14, 2007

Morning Has Broken

...only, the sun doesn't seem to have gotten that memo yet.

It's a draw as to whether the skeleton to the right more accurately depicts the students or the professor at this morning's final exam... Them I guess, but since I think the waitress (who brought us cold appetizers and the wrong salads last night) also brought us regular rather than decaf coffee and thus sleep never came, I'm running a close second. How's that for a run-on sentence??

On an unrelated note, here's another picture, found by accident, that brought a smile:
ANTARCTICA FUN FACTS -- maybe not so fun a fact, but here's a warning from our travel packet: "If you fall overboard, you will die - simple as that." Seems pretty straight forward. Gets even more blunt with "Since drowning is thought by some to be more favorable than freezing to death, one bit of half-cynical advice for those who fall overboard is to swim as hard as you can to the bottom."

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