Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tough Decisions (In a Good Way)

Spent much of the day pulling together information for our final selection of 3 job candidates. We had a very strong pool of applicants, two indeed stood out above the fray, but several tied for 3rd. Hard choice. And as Meredith pointed out - who knows if they'll all pass the lunchtime fork in the forehead test - which would make the 3rd choice important. So, took some time.

Afterwards I headed off to dinner with my neighbor (who's also my doctor). We went to a new Italian place downtown. Quite good, it goes on the list of places to take one of the job candidates. It's nice to see several quality restaurants opening up, breathing new life into our downtown area. Tasty life, if tonight was any indication. Now they just need some quality shopping to match.
ANTARCTICA FUN FACTS -- The waters around Antarctica are reputed to be some of the most violent on Earth. Winds circle unobstructed around the continent, whipping up huge waves and causing, at the very least, ship-wide stomach upheavals. Equipment not fastened down can be hurled across a room or thrown overboard. Icebergs must be avoided as even small pieces of ice are capable of damaging equipment or jolting passengers. A sudden wind change can cause seemingly open pack ice to rapidly enclose a ship. (Source: Antarctic Connection)

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