Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holiday Shopping

I ventured out today because my new glasses came in. I thought the roads would be ugly, not so -- easy parking, no traffic jams, short lines. Very pleasant, so I went grocery shopping and made a pet store stop.

Plus made a stop in Barnes and Nobel because I wanted to find a way for my nieces and nephew to share in my Antarctica trip. So the oldest gets a book about Shakelton's expedition, my nephew got some Flat Stanley books (with Stanley joining me on the trip), and my youngest niece gets to learn about penguins. I already had fun Christmas gifts for 'em, so I guess these'll be stocking stuffers.
ANTARCTICA FUN FACTS -- The ice-drowned, mountainous archipelago of W Antarctica is related to the Andes Mts. of South America and is structurally connected to them by way of the Antarctic Peninsula and the Scotia Arc (South Georgia and the South Orkney and South Sandwich islands). The complex structure consists of highly folded metasedimentary strata from Paleozoic to Pliocene epochs. (Source: Geology & Geography)


Jaime said...

Would you be willing to share your Flat Stanley pics with my sister's 2nd grade class? They would LOVE them!

Sue said...

I already planned to. Figure this way I'll look much cooler than her big sister and her lame-o Alaska pix.